Icon Experience

Translate Your Value And Become The ICON in Your Field

Icon Experience


Here is what you get:



  • Your own ICON Positioning Campaign  ($15,000 Value)
         Learn the process that allows you to develop the kind of Marketing that speaks not only to the rational mind of your clients, but their emotional—and specially their VISCERAL mind.
  • 12 Content & Mindset Sessions   ($5,000 Value)
     With interactive exercises, Mindset work, Hot-Seats and Q&A
     Learn how to elevate your brand, and the way you, yourself, see it.
  • 1 BONUS 1:1 session with Adri  ($1,500 Value)
  • 5 ICON Worksheets  ($500 Value)
         Each Worksheet is a deep dive in the different aspects of your brand—Proprietary material from the ICON Method™
  • In-Class Exercises, Experiences & Hot-Seats  (Priceless)
        Dynamic interactions and exercises to fast forward your campaign in class.
  • Brand Story Positioning ($5,000 Value)

     Capitalize on your story, and use it as the PHD of your Life.

  • WhatsApp Group  (Priceless)
       Ask questions, share your work, share opinions. Here’s where we forward everyone’s developments in real time. 
  •    Strategic Positioning Direction & High-Definition Tag ($1,500 Value)
     Learn to establish the North of your Marketing—so you stay “on brand” In every piece of content you create—no matter what.
  • 30 Posts or Videos To Establish The Campaign  ($3,000 Value)
     Concept and guidance for execution and implementation. Develop infinite posts and videos aligned with your campaign Direction—so that it gets imprinted in the hearts and minds of your ideal audience.
  • Social Media Conceptual & Headers  ($1,000 Value)
     Apply the genius of repetition to the Conceptual & Visual sides of your Campaign.

Become the Icon in Your Field